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Indoor tennis & pickleball.

Pueblo, CO's top (and only) indoor racquet sports facility!

3 Indoor Tennis Courts.12 Indoor/Outdoor Pickleball courts. Something for everybody!

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pickleball court

$7 per person for 2 hours of pickleball
                                 (w/ membership; based on doubles play)

PTC Courts.png

tennis court

$7 per person per hour
       (w/ membership; based on doubles play) 


The Pueblo Tennis Center (PTC) is a membership-based tennis and pickleball indoor facility. The facility is welcoming and “open to all” and has many activities available for members and non-members at all levels of experience.


PTC is managed by Hitman Sports Management (HSM) in cooperation with the Pueblo Country Club. HSM also operates Gates Tennis Center and Lakewood Park Tennis Center in Denver, CO.


PTC has 3 indoor hard tennis courts, 6 indoor pickleball courts and 6 outdoor pickleball courts, plus year-round extensive programming for adults and juniors.


PTC prides itself on having a wide variety of inclusive activities, and is open to all tennis and pickleball players, from all backgrounds, and all levels.


PTC is located in the Country Club neighborhood which is nestled in a peaceful, nostalgic area atop a hill overlooking the city

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